Professional Carpet Cleaning

We use the most modern and up-to-date carpet cleaning equipment available, in conjunction with a hot-water extraction cleaning method that lifts the dirt from your carpets and upholstery. Often called ‘deep-steam cleaning’, this is the most effective method for cleaning the majority of carpets and upholstery and ensures a top-quality clean.

A hot cleaning solution is sprayed onto your carpet and is immediately extracted, taking the dissolved dirt and grit with it into a recovery tank. Depending on the type of soiling and stains, the appropriate chemical solutions are used to loosen the dirt.


In all of our carpet cleaning work we always use the safest option. A detergent-free approach will give excellent results, on many carpets, with environmentally friendly chemicals. Drying times vary, but most carpets are dry within hours.

Please Contact Us for further information or to arrange for a Shine On surveyor to visit your premises and provide you with a free quotation.